All our packages are bespoke and prices vary,  please contact us for further details
Boot Camp

Go commando has been running boot camps for over 2 years, our recruits have had some fantastic results physically and mentally. Unlike a gym environment there are no distractions or opportunities to hold back. Go commando is dedicated to pushing you to your maximum level as part as a team to reach goals of fitness you didn't think you were capable of  and more importantly guaranteeing the results you were striving so long for. We are loyal to our recruits and will report wind hail or snow as ultimate commitment shows ultimate results. Everybody is there to work as part of a team encouraging and motivating each other on.  Some great friendships have developed by the members which made their experience even more rewarding. You do not have to be superhuman! you will only train with people of a similar fitness capability. Check our testimonials and see REAL results from REAL people.



"LITTLE SOLDIERS" Birthday Party.

We are not a school hall with a few sandwiches, we are not a happy meal in Mcdonalds wherenot even a game of bowling we are the most exciting and exhillarating childrens party around! 

The children will RV in the carpark and met by Royal Marines Comandos who will march them down to their training ground. The birthday boy/girl will be briefed as the Sergant Major and will be in charge of their troops throughout...........




Primary/secondary/colleges/charities Go Commando has the ultimate team building, ice breaking activity days for you!! Lots of physical activity, team practices and fresh air. Not an electrical appliance in sight. We take them back to basics. Team games, building shelters/fires, recconisance patrols, raft building, purpose built assault course to conquer the list goes on.............

Dad and Lad Day

A great family experience, an outdoor overnight stay with a military style

regime.  Fishing, campfire, kids uniforms, marshmallows and plenty of fresh air.

No playstations, x boxes or TV's just one on one family time.  To treasure those

memories,  an " I went camping with my dad certificate",  PRICELESS!! 

Team building/bonding
This is Go commando's bread and butter!!!! Great for businesses and groups alike.  We've got the greatest problems for you to solve.  Confidence building, hierarchical structure, laughs, giggles and bags and bags of morale!!!! From a couple of hours to overnight stays in the outdoors.  We can arrange a package to suit your every needs.
Stag Do's/Hen Do's


Ok ladies and gents, there are many options for a stag/hen do and the primary mission is to get very very drunk!!!  There will be plenty of time for misbehaving but why not be inventive and original!! We are offering a day out that the stag/hen wont ever forget.  Where not talking crawling through mud and wading through rivers.  Were talking  a run around our assault course,  a driving range,  paint balling and then a few military drinking games in the local bar to get you started whilst you await your chariot to take you to your chosen playground for the evening.  We can arrange it all.  If your the best man , do him proud and give him a day to remember

Couch to boot camp/5km

Are you a total beginner when it comes to physical activity? Do you look upon you friends with envy when they talk about bootcamps and other group training activity? Do you lack the confidence and ability to take the first step to attend these groups? Here at Go Commando we have come up with the answer!!!  From couch to bootcamp will take you from your sofa at home with  having little or no physical background what-so-everand give you the confidence and ability to be able to complete 5 km.  Yes this is possible and our instructors will make it lots of fun in  the process.  Our instructors will make you feel comfortable and we will have a plenty of laughs and giggles running around in the dark with head torches at the ready .  To begin with it will be nothing more than a brisk walk and everybody attending will be a total beginner.  Come spring you will be running around in the sun, getting muddy with tyres and enjoying adventurous days and nights out with our extended family. Dont hide away tthis winter, make this the start to the new you! Dont delay report for duty today!!!

Grudge Match/Iron man day

Are you a rival business, Sport's team, gym? No matter what the cause we can

arrange a bespoke iron man challenge for you!!!! Tyre flipping, jerry can runs,

fireman's carry, tug of war, paint balling.  The list goes on!!!!  Settle a score?

Charity event ?,  drum up public relations? A  fun but competitive day out.  It

pays to be a winner!!!!  Who's it going to be?